Tag clouds on Zope pages#

PUMA tags can be displayed on a Zope page. An example can be found here.

  • You will need to grab a PUMA page from within Zope. For that, you need the product Kebas Data.
  • For each tag cloud you want do display, you need a KebasData object. Configure it as follows (of course, replacing the user name etc.):

    This will display all the tags in your tag cloud which are located between the <ul ...> and the </ul> start and end patterns.
  • You need to fix the URLs that PUMA shows though, as they are relative to the PUMA root and not to your site. For this, add a "Script (Python)" object named render_fixbaseurl in Zope anywhere above the folder containing your tag cloud. Let it have two parameters (the names don't matter) and make it look like this:
ul = context.match[0]
ul = ul.replace('href="/', 'href="http://www.bibsonomy.org/')
print ul
return printed
  • To display your tag cloud from DTML, use these lines of code:
<ul class="tagbox">
  <dtml-var tagcloud>
  • To display your tag cloud from a Page Template, you can use this piece of code:
<ul class="tagbox">
  <div tal:replace="structure here/tagcloud"/>
  • Use CSS to format the tag cloud to your liking. Here's what we use; note that this hides the low-frequency tags. You can replace the display: none with display: inline to display the low-frequency tags.
ul.tagbox { list-style: none; text-align: justify; } 
ul.tagbox li { display: inline; } 
ul.tagbox li a { display: none; text-decoration: none; color: #e05698; font-size: 60% } 
ul.tagbox li.tagone a { display: none; text-decoration: none; color: #a3004e; font-size: 80% }
ul.tagbox li.tagten a { display: inline; text-decoration: none; color: #830030; font-size: 100% }